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To accelerate our client’s success by providing the best construction project management services in China.


Excellence-We aspire to flawless execution and don't take shortcuts on quality. We seek   the best talent and help our staff reach their full potential.
Loyalty-We share a personal responsibility to maintain our customers' loyalty and trust.
Accountability-We respect our customers and never forget that they come to us by choice. We listen and respond to our customers and take the responsibility of our actions.
Commitment to Results-We go beyond our promises, and keep the client’s end needs in eye at all times.


Standard of Conduct

The following conducts to be memorized and followed by every employee:
1.I am always responsive to the expressed wishes and needs for our Client
2.I am empowered to create unique memorable experiences for our Client
3.I understand my role in achieving the key success factors
4.I continuously seek opportunities to innovate and improve company experience
5.I own and immediately resolve Client’s problems
6.I create a work environment of teamwork
7.I have the opportunity to continuously learn and grow
8.I protect the privacy and responsible for accident-free environment
9.I am proud of my professional appearance, behavior
10.I respect my Client, my entire colleague and site workers

gbd Anti-Corruption Principles

The following are to be adhered to by all gbd staff and consultants:
1.We work in the interest of our client (with whom we have a scope and fee agreement) only. Any obligations to other parties (eg suppliers or contractors) that may compromise or conflict with our responsibility to our client must be reported to a gbd Director.
2.Any agreements or responsibilities you may have personally or through your involvement in other companies are to be reported a gbd Director immediately. Such responsibilities in conflict with your duties to gbd or a gbd client will not be permitted.
3.Any informal (non-recordable in minutes or discussions) approaches by any suppliers or contractors under your supervision or management responsibility with requests to overlook non-compliance with their contractual obligations must be reported to a gbd Director immediately.  All such requests must be clearly rejected. gbd stance is: We are happy to seek a mutual satisfactory solution that meets our Client’s needs and addresses any particular problems our contractors may face (whether they be financial or bureaucratic or other) in open and recorded discussion and with the agreement of our client.
4.Any and all gifts or benefits received from suppliers associated or wishing to be associated with our clients or the project must be declared to a gbd Director. Gifts will only be allowed in exceptional purposes for (less than 100pound) and will be recorded centrally. It must be made clear that no obligation is being made in exchange for any gift.
5.Breach of any of the above will result in immediate dismissal and gbd will seek recovery of any loss (including replacement cost of Engineer) due to breach.
Signed and Agreed:
Signature:……………………………….                             Date

Safety Policy

gbd has a zero accident policy. We are committed to managing and continually improving our safety, health and environmental performance by training staff and investing in PPE. We manage projects to ensure no injury or occupational illnesses a nd to  protect the environment. We will:
->Perform all work whether in engineering, procurement or construction with regard to the safety, health of people, and the environment around us.
->Ensure that our consulting services to the Client have a positive impact on safety, health and the environment.
->Undertake initiatives to encourage GBD employees, customers and society to accept increasing responsibilities for safety, health and environmental performance.
->Select our general contractor, sub-contractors and suppliers based on their ability to provide services in compliance with our policies and standards for safety, health and environment, and gbd and our staff have responsibility for the continuous improvement and development of our safety, health and environmental performance

Quality Policy

gbd is committed to achieving for our clients a quality project based on agreed specifications and materials and best practice workmanship and construction. We therefore commit to procedures in the delivery of our own scope of work that ensure quality and best practice in that delivery.
Our Project Execution Plan is the cornerstone of our quality procedure. All staff are trained in its use. In addition, we adhere to a process of continuous improvement through encouraging and reacting to feedback on our quality processes and their impact on the delivery of the construction project for our clients.
We acknowledge that quality is not merely achieved through process, but is highly influenced by people and by clear communication.
We therefore aim to have the right people in the right place at the right time for all our clients and to mandate open and clear communication between all parties on our projects.
Our goal is clients who are 100% satisfied with both our service and the constructed works
We achieve this by adhering to the following:
1.Hiring good and experienced staff and placing the right people in the right place for the right tasks at the right time. Providing continuous training and encouraging feedback.
2.Providing processes for quality work to all our staff specifically through our Project Execution Plan. Monitoring implementation through regular Director reviews on all projects.
3.Briefing Stage: Clearly understanding and recording the client’s quality expectations.
4.Design Stage: monitoring best practice and providing continuous improvement suggestions.
5.Tender Stage: strictly adhering to a best practice process that leads from pre-qualification through tender, assessment, negotiation and selection, with accurate records and in conjunction with our clients at all times.
6.Construction Stage: managing quality through processes of method statements, workmanship and materials sampling, and site advice. Proposing improved methodologies and actively providing solutions where contractors do not or cannot provide suitable execution means.
7.Taking over management: Being present at snagging and carefully managing the taking over process, physically as well as the documentation provision.

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