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Company Introduction

gbd Engineering & Construction Management was founded in 2013 and is a UK invested full service EPCM company, operating in China, Africa and Europe. gbd’s 3no. Company Directors have been delivering high quality foreign investments into the construction sector combined in excess of 100 years. They have worked together for 16 years in China. With 70+ staff we are headquartered in Shanghai with projects spread across China, having successfully delivered projects for well known companies as far apart as Guangzhou, Chongqing, Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang among other locations. Individual projects are as large as 250,000 sqm and as tall as 170m.
Our expertise is successfully applied to the Industrial, Logistics, Commercial & Education and Interiors and Retail sectors.
Our staff are well trained, with a focus on ethics, HSE,quality and maximising the value extracted from each project for our clients (control of price while extracting greatest quality).
Our staff are supported by a full system of practical and applied project management policies and procedures to ensure a systematic approach is maintained through each project stage.   
While maintaining world-class standards at all times the size and private nature of gbd is such that we can be cost-efficient and engage flexibly with each and every client to ensure our tailor-made delivery proposal suits your precise demands for your building. Our Directors are personally involved in each stage of your project.

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